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Subchat3 Source Code was created by Deadsun
Here is the unfinished source code to SubChat3. It was never completed and as such isnt even an alpha. (aka, its not usable in its current state). However, thier is a lot of very nifty C# code in this archive, and im hoping some aspiring C# coder will be able to make use of some of it.

Unfortunately because of the way the world works I find myself compelled to license this as GPLv3, please respect the license. I wish I could post it without any license at all but such are the times we live in. Officially, Freakmonger was given this source code to make SubChat3 complete, and officially I still consider him the head of the project. But to the best of my knowledge he has not even had time to look at it yet. If anyone is interested in finishing this, you may want to contact him if you can before you start.

Thiers definetly a few things of interest here to C# coders, even ones not interested in SubSpace, like a custom writen Text Control that works like mIRC's, and a few other things.

I do check these forums every blue moon or so, so if anyone has any questions feel free to post em
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