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You can quickly jump to specific coordinates by right clicking on the radar.
You can use your mouse wheel to zoom in or zoom out. Holding down Control while using the mouse wheel will swap tools.
You can select multiple tiles at once in the tileset (as long as they don't contain the special tiles such as wormhole, space station and large asteroid).
You can quickly swap the tiles assigned to the left and right mouse buttons by clicking on the arrow between the two selected tiles.
You can bookmark locations on the map by pressing Shift + 0-9 and jump to those locations by pressing simply the number.
You can move the map with the arrow keys.
You can completely customize the grid on the maps by going to the preferences window, tab 'grid'


You can hide the sidebar by clicking the "->" button.
You can hide the toolbars by right clicking on them and unchecking them, you can always redisplay them from the window -> toolbars menu
The tabs toolbar can be either put on top or on bottom (if you hate having start menu of windows popping over it all the time) by pressing the /\ or \/ button next to the tabs
By default full radar view is forced when zooming out, however this slows things down and could cause a big performance loss on not so new computers. There is a setting "Auto use full radar view" in the options to disable this behaviour.
When the right toolbar is hidden, you can hover over the icons (tile previews or radar icon) to let the window pop up, and you can make changes in it.


At the tileset, if you double click on the walltiles the walltiles options pop up allowing you to make quick changes
In the walltile options, you can select multiple tiles to quickly add walltiles if they are in the same format as required in the tileset
There is an option in the tileset editor to create walltiles by the push of a button from a selected tile


You can define regions and attributes to your map. However, this information will only be read by ASSS servers.
When showing regions, you can know the name of a region by hovering your mouse over it.
Regions can be created or modified from selections in the Elvl options (tab Regions) window


The Picture to Map (PTM) feature enables you to convert an images to tiles on the map. For example, if you draw the layout of a base it can convert the image to the actual base and place it on the map.
The Text to Map (TTM) feature enables you to add big areas of text composed of tiles to the map.
You can customize the grid lines in the preferences dialog.
You can make all Subspace level files (.lvl) automatically open with DCME by assigning DCME to open them in the options menu.
You can edit your tilesets in the tileset editor, and even edit tiles in the tile editor (accessable from tileset editor window)
Type tiles as text by assigning tiles to letters in the tile-text options, use the tiletext tool to type


General Tools
Hotkeys to tools with keys (S = selection, A= Airbrush, H = hand, etc...)
Holding down Control when using most tools activates the dropper tool.
Holding down the Shift key constrains rectangles to squares, ellipses to circles and lines to 45� angles.
Holding down the Control key will center shape tools at the drawing origin.
You can set the drawing width and other various settings in the tool toolbar with most tools.
When "Draw Under" is activated, any existing tiles will not be affected by drawing - it will all be done "behind" existing tiles.
When "Transparent Selection" is activated, tiles that are empty will never be selected.
Hold shift to add parts of the map to the current selection when you're drawing
Hold control to remove parts of the map from the current selection when you're drawing
When you apply selection and you've selected 'Draw Under' or 'Transparent Selection' the tiles will be applied accordingly
Draw under & Transparent Selection also hides tile 0 from the selection for convenience
If you are currently testing the map, you will be able to warp your ship to any coordinate.
While testing map, you can use afterburners (Shift), lay down tiles (Q and W), and show where the bombs you shoot would go (B ). You can stop testing map by pressing the Escape key.
You can import the config files to apply your settings to the ships in test map, if nothing is imported SVS settings will be used

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