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Version History

Version 3

Fixed walltiles editing dialog showing tiles with current map zoom
Fixed using bucket fill with walltiles
Fixed tile preview of walltiles
Fixed infinite crashes when opening a map from a network
Some memory optimizations for regions
Significant optimizations for saving tiles (3-4x faster)
Fixed 'Save items...' to actually work
Fixed 'Count tiles' total tiles count
Fixed Undo/Redo for some cases of moving selection (moving near border, or using Center Selection)
Pasting now puts the new tiles in the center of the screen
More memory usage optimizations, especially for LVZ images
Selected LVZ coordinates are updated as you move the selection
Selected region is shown on top of the others with its full color to make it easier to see
Major improvements on memory usage, especially for ASSS regions
Fixed minor regions display bug
3.4.00 to 3.4.09
Major performance upgrade on all aspects
Countless bug fixes
LVZ objects now display with proper transparency
Unrecognized ASSS regions data chunks are now preserved
Fixed memory leak when closing maps
Fixed opening maps from Explorer causing crashes
Fixed issues when changing tool while tile-typing or map-testing
Fixed some more issues with the splash screen
Fixed splash screen hiding messageboxes under it
Fixed tile preview of bucket tool with a lvz image leaving a trail
Major improvements in the LVZs
Fixed bug with custom shapes
Tool options captions restored
MAJOR improvements on most aspects
Radar works in 16bits display mode
Tileset initialization made much faster
Walltile generator of the tileset editor improved
No more crash warnings on Vista
Some eLVL and LVZ properties bugs fixed
Major memory leaks fixed
"Saving map..." dialog freezing fixed
Bunch of other stuff
Made PicToMap form a bit larger, changed "Browse" to "Browse..."
Added hourglass during PicToMap and Resize operations
Fixed issue with displaying big log files
No more crash when opening a map by double-clicking it while DCME is minimized. Plus, the focus is given to DCME correctly
Drawing of special objects fixed
Fixed resizing during testmap would cause the last row/column of tiles to glitch
Added button to toggle top/bottom alignment of map tabs
Force lvz transparency option (not only moving)
Untitled maps do not get autosaved to avoid having hundreds of empty levels in the autosaves folder. Plus, the countdown is reseted when the map is saved. Also removed the copy of the log file that was done with every map... wasn't very useful
MsInet 'Request Timed Out' error is now handled
Fixed crash when zooming out in tile editor
Tile operations should be a little faster on pixel level
Drawing bomb lines was not fixed on the rounded aim angle, which led to inconsistencies between the ship gfx and the actual aiming of the bomb line
Help -> Show debug log now shows the actual log file completely instead of just the current session log, which caused some confusion
if a file was named pathssomethingsomething in dcme folder, it could have caused problems
Added isbusy (mousepointer hourglass) flag in Line.MouseUp
change: Walltiles and Texttiles are now saved in eLVL data
Fixed that error in Elvl when playing with True/False lists
Things involving pixels (pic1024) should speed up considerably
Fixed huge memory leak (all maps were loaded on 'if maps(i) is ')
border of map is always drawn (also when grid is not checked)
fixed inconsistent default value for auto force radar preview
accessing selection is a lil sped up
adding selection areas is also a bit sped up
managelvz button wasn't disabled when no active map
savesettings won't save settings if loadsettings wasn't called first (to prevent corruption of the settings)
fixed error when opening maps (by drag dropping or double clicking lvl file) when a modal form is open e.g tips or options
selection on pixel level is now around edges
optimized applyselection ~60% faster
when map resized (e.g switching tools popped up toolbar making space for map smaller or resizing window) it doesn't redraw everything, just the part that wasn't visible before. This decreases lag when switching tools considerably
deleteselection is faster because arrays are zeromemoryd instead of deleting and reallocating
get and set tile of map is a bit faster because of byref arguments
fixed: Tool names (SharedVar.ToolName) had an offset because the freehand selection wasn't on there
sel.hasalreadyselectedParts was not updated correctly in some refresh-less actions
usegrid and usegridTest are now loaded from settings when creating a new map
mapchanged flag is now changed with the AddToUndo() method
Fixed problem when switching between maps (window-->map) not being flagged as active map
Added map tabs at the bottom (a new toolbar, which you can toggle as the others)
Fixed problem when moving selection near edge (and probably others where out of array bounds errors occurred and were handled)
Fixed error when editing a value and pressing ok or another button
Fixed edit of isAutoWarp (true/false popup list was *poof*, quite literally)
Select All in textbox when property region edit
Added option for Force Transparency when moving LVZ
Fixed LVZ Images not being able to delete (sama what were you smoking o_O", trying to delete lvz files instead of images)
Fixed File not found error when DCME tried to create a tmp log file (don't get it, just avoided the error >.>)
Fixed lvz map objects not being able to move when not on zoom 1/1
Added option to disable enforcing full map preview (speed issues)
Fixed few tools not changing map (resulting in no map change save dialog on close)
Fixed error appearing when cancelling OpenMap dialog
Fixed bug in SelectTiles, SelectAllTiles, and other actions in the Selection menu
It is possible to drag and drop files in the lvz manager
Undoing a dropped selection could cause errors on pixel-level preview
Scrolling map with scrollbars update preview during scroll
Added hourglass cursor during long operations
Fixed ellipse bug caused by tool re-ordering
Fixed bug in undo/redo
Fixed small autoupdate bug
Freehand Selection tool added
Importing custom ship graphics in LVZ will change the TestMap ship graphics
LVZ manager shows preview of Continuum's animations when you import a custom graphic
Fixed bug in BucketFill that could crash DCME
Fixed minor bugs in check update form
LVZ support added
Improved opening of corrupted map files
Upgraded auto-update system to support multiple files
Moved auto-update server
Bookmarks are now saved in eLVL data
Fixed loading of Autowarp region flag
Save as SSME compatible does not save eLVL data anymore
Special objects are drawn correctly with rectangle and line tools

Version 2

Fixed huge compatibility bug between DCME and other map editors.
The issue should fix all known tileset problems and 'corrupt map' problems
To ensure backward-compatibility between 2.0 maps and this version's, we have added automatic tile data recovery feature. It should try loading the file in different ways and output the best result. If you can't open a map made with older DCME in other editors, load it with this version, and save it back. It should fix it.
Fixed TestMap physics
We can now import settings from .cfg file
New WallTiles generator in tileset editor
Fixed critical bug when no rTIL region chunk was loaded
Added 'advanced pencil' feature, that allows you to ignore special tiles and lay tiles over them to do some weird things
Greatly improved logging of events, it is now a circular log that keeps the last 1MB (by default) of text
Autosave feature, completly adjustable
Added Undo/Redo descriptions for menus
New custom chunk used: DCID ; hashcode of the map, used by autosave
Added .bak to openmap filter
Fixed CTRL+Click with wand in an unselected area to create a useless Undo step
In testmap, wormholes do not warp you if Tile Collision is off
In testmap, drawn tiles (with Q or W) can be undo'ed
Complete Elvl support (attributes, regions)
Completely rewrote Undo/Redo code (all should be undoable now)
Added: Test your map on the fly
Special object are also highlighted
Undo/redo menu was not disabled when no map was loaded
Fixed problem with drawing a special object (overflow error)
Tile 0 was never drawn
Random stuff is now completely random
Popup Tileset & Popup Radar when right bar is hidden
Tips of the day updated
Fixed glitch with unable to move selections with magicwand
Fixed offset of DCME window when not maximized
Tool options toolbar can be pinned/unpinned
Fixed rotation bug (out of range error)
Fixed tile problem with flip/mirror
Mousewheel zoom focuses on the tile beneath the cursor
Radar preview is showing complete map when zoomed out
Fixed bug with top left tile
Fixed unnecessary redraws
If a map is not maximized, a new map won't be maximized either
Fixed problems with grid settings
Fixed mystery line when making a new map or opening one
Added warning when importing a tileset from a map without tileset
Fixed drag speed of map

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