Relos's Hyperspace Rant

4 years 11 months ago - 4 years 11 months ago #46 by Relos
I go into this zone, and I am saddened by the state of affairs: A zone, once with good potential, now left in this dying state...

This is obviously due to overpowered "Hero Mode" ships, killing the game, making people quit.

Why is Hero Mode happening? Well, it is simple: Defending is too tough, rushing is too easy. Otherwise, rushers couldn't Hero Mode! Rushers have too much power. Have you ever seen a defender Hero Mode? Nah, only rushers do it.

Thus, rushers are overpowered, and/or defending needs a buff. This critical flaw has destroyed the fun of Hyperspace, due to a lack of a solution.

There are two bad extremes, in fact:
1. Defending is too easy. Private teams (if they exist) camp bases like nobody's business, leaving only the best to even break in.
2. Rushing is too easy. Rushers easily destroy Lancasters, leaving only the best to even stay alive.

I prefer this:
3. Rushing and Defending are balanced. Both defending bases and killing Lancasters take team effort to do well. A lack of a good team causes reduced effectiveness at the attempted role.

It'd be great if random rushers couldn't *easily* solo kill lancs. They should expect their team to help too, or expect difficulty. Of course, the same should apply to defending, as well.

I really think Hyperspace has a chance to revive... I think the interest is still there. However, settings definitely aren't.

EDIT: I know, on the now dead forum, that I've given various reasons, from bursts to gunlines to newb-friendliness... but I think I never hit the right target, and rather, just gave solutions to the invisible problems I never really thought of, or explained. The most I would say, is that people "rage-quit"... but why?

It's because rushers are overpowered, that's why.

EDIT2: Even if you don't agree with the "reasons" I gave on the forum... at least, look the problem I see, "Hero Mode is overpowered", and find a solution to that. Maybe nerfing bursts, etc. isn't the best idea... but is doing nothing better?

How could I agree with that...
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