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Devastation Staff was created by Deadsun
If you wish to apply for staff for Devastation, you can do this by replying to this post!


1. Post only Once
2. Post only if you wish to become staff
3. Do not trash-talk other applicants

What to add in your application:

Username in Devastation:
Other Staff Experience**:
Subspace/Continuum Experience:
Why you wish to become a staff member:
How you can contribute to Devastation:

**Please include any current positions you hold.

Please note that any players that bug current staff members for staff positions will not recieve a staff position. Please be patient and make yourself very available in devastation.


Any replies to this post that is not an application will be deleted.
Anyone who is accepted as a staff memeber will have their application deleted.
This is not in a first-come first-serve basis. The applicants will be chosen by several criteria including: experience, time spent playing in the zone, overall personality (nice to new players/respectful of all players)
There is no minimum or maximum staff limit, we will hire as we feel free to.

Special Note: If you are inactive in the zone for more then 5 days, your application will be removed. Priority will be given to players who PLAY in the zone constantly, and not people who just show up every now and then.

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