Cheater/Abuse Report

7 years 1 week ago #32 by Deadsun
Cheater/Abuse Report was created by Deadsun
If you see a cheater, or a person abusing the rules, or a staff member abusing their powers, report it here.

Do not abuse this topic. Resolved/Stupid replies will be deleted.

This is what you should include in the reply:

1. Name
2. Time of Cheat/Abuse
3. Description of what was involved
4. Screenshot of event happening (if possible)
5. Players who can confirm this occured.

Any reports of cheating will be looked into. Any report made will not be taken as a "this player is guilty so ban them". There will be an investigation, and if the report can be proved, there will be appropriate actions against the player.

Please do not spam this topic.

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