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Roster System was created by ahmad
Hi all, We added new roster bot and want to tell you all about it
You should create squad in devastation to do matches soon type !createsquad <squadname>
If you create squad to invite players type !invite <name>

You don't need to use SSC Squads only create squad in bot

type !help for more commands in rosterbot

-Baseduel (Done)
-Bab (Not yet)

More Comming soon....

Roster Commands:
Squad owner commands:
!invite <name>, !kick <name>, !createwelcomemessage <welcome>, !message <msg>
Player Commands:
!accept, !decline, !roster <squad>, !squadlist, !leavesquad, !squad <name>, !createsquad <squad>

Check Schedule: !schedule #
Check Match ID: !match #id

Thanks for reading. Any questions you can ask it here or in game
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