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8 years 3 months ago #20 by Deadsun
As per Cre>'s request, I finally got around to packaging up logicbot2's source code with the appropriate license. This program is written in C++ and uses several very advanced techniques. If you can only just barely manage a working MERV plugin, this code is definitely not for you. Again, I don't really think anyone will find this source code as a hole very useful. Plenty of people have done the SS protocol in C++ and much better than me. Thier are some interesting C++ tidbits in here, like a working Plugin architecture and an advanced exception handling mechanism that can catch exceptions within the plugins, unload the plugin and write an entire stack dump without crashing the bot itself. Anyway, as always, no warranty express or implied, use at your own risk. If you have questions feel free to post em, cant guarantee I'll answer them but I'll try. Have fun!

kirk.sscentral.com/logicbot2/LogicBot2_CodeOnly.rar (404'd Anyone who has this please link it somehow.)

kirk.sscentral.com/logicbot2/LogicBot2_WithBuilds.rar (Same as above)

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