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8 years 3 months ago #22 by Deadsun
Ok, so your server isn't working or is on the fritz, and your rather new to this stuff. Where do you get the help? Thankfully, you have 2 choices on where.

If you are already Registered on these forums, and not keen on registering at another, or would rather just stay here, you can check out our General Development Forum where many users are Zone/Server Ops or staff, and have some common knowledge of issues. Now they may not be able to help with every issue, and some may refer you to the Server Help Forums.

MineGoBoom's Server Help Forums are the main forums for any server issues. Ranging from Subgame to ASSS to Bots to even new development, these guys cover it all. A huge amount of the member base are people who spend their entire day developing stuff for this game, and giving help to new players trying to get into the field. If you can't seem to find the answer or any help there, than there is no answer or help for you, plain and simple.

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