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ASSS was created by JoWie
The original ASSS repository is no longer maintained, I have been maintaining a fork that is in use in Devastation. It contains the following changes:
  • Fixes for a lot of crashing bugs (there are more, ASSS is very unstable)
  • Small readme on how to install dependencies
  • Make files for LTS Ubuntu versions and CentOS.
  • Vagrant container so that you can get it to run with a single command on your own machine
  • Reduce the amount of mutex locks needed (especially in your own modules!) by firing more callbacks from the main thread
  • Documentation on which threads fire which callbacks, interfaces and advisers
  • Support for reverse chatnet proxies (X-Demo)
  • More verbose backtraces
  • SSC billers: Removal of pwcache (it is broken), use auth_file instead
  • cmdman: funciton that lets you query all the registered commands
  • fix to make record work properly again
  • objects (lvz): a few fixes and functions to query the state of objects
  • log python exceptions to logman
  • exclude bots from the population count using a special staff group (capability "excludepopulation")
  • Fix to make alias work on more recent mysqld

This is not really something I am working on, I am just fixing issues as they arise.

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