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Zone Rules was created by Deadsun
Please note, the current rules are nonnegotiable. That is to say, any replies to this post that is just a way to attack the rules will be deleted.
This topic is an open discussion on what the public thinks should be added, I'm sure some of you have some good ideas that will make people enjoy the zone more.

1. No swearing or racism at any time.
2. No spamming.
3. No VIE/unauthorized chatnet clients or bots.
4. No advertising other zones.
5. No intentional team killing.
6. No exploiting server lag, server glitches, and/or client glitches.
7. No "trade killing" or offering of free kills.

Using third party cheat utilities will result in a ban and possibly a net ban.
Common sense applies to rules that may not be listed.
Punishment varies depending on staff member.

Note: I removed run winning because you can't use tw, id or jump to run win.

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