Bot Rules V2

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Bot Rules V2 was created by Deadsun
All bot rules are as follows:

1) ALL Bots must have the tag "UB-<botname>" in their name.
2) Bots do not speak. This means no advertising when players enter the zone via PM. Bots do not speak in public or team chats either. If a player registers with the bot then it may send a PM when the registered player enters the zone.
3) Public commands MUST be disabled.
4) Bots must be equipped with a !shutdown command to be used by All Mod+ <refer below to "a:" for !shutdown rules>
(Dr Brain, D1st0rt, Swift Warrior, Masaru, Spidernl, Rivel, Noldec, Psythe)
5) Bots must have a !owner command usable to all players. <refer below to "b:" for !owner rules>
6) Bots also must have an !about for everyone to use, explaining the rules of the bot.
7) Players must not exceed the limit of 2 bots.

ALL bots must follow these rules or they will be removed. This means that the owner will most likely be removed as well. Breaking these rules will not end on an easy note.
If you didn't read it the first time...FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL BRING BANNATION.

(assuming the bot and offender share the same ip)
First offense: 7 day ban
Second offense: 30 day ban
Third offense: Removal of bot privileges

a: !shutdown must stop the bot from auto-logging in, and as stated above, must be usable to mod+. The bot must also stay offline until the owner has discussed with the mod who shut the bot down as to why they shut it down. Do not have it autolog back in after !shutdown.

b: !owner is to stop the amount of complaints about bots stealing money and staff having to deal with it. If there is any impersonation with the !owner command, the actual owner of the bot will receive a hefty fine, and/or ban. !owner must also show the main alias, and be printed out as so; Owner: <players name>

All the above being said, User Bots are just that, user run bots. If you are cheated out of your money, go to the player running the bot. Not the staff.

Talk to staff about any questions on the rules.

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