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9 years 2 months ago #47 by Relos
Hyperspace's Community was created by Relos
The other "problem" with Hyperspace is the community...

...But is it, alone, the reason this zone is dead?

Past evidence says, people have continued to played, even as Hyperspace was continuously ridiculed (by the people who play it) as having a "horrible" playerbase... So how could this be why the zone is dead? Surely, a factor for many. But it wouldn't have caused zone death, or so it seemed from all those years.

Also, theres the "skill level" complaint... aside from that then becoming "absolutely almost no one on the team" from those said complainers practically EVERY time, it ignores a possible real reason this may occur so much for them... "Hero Mode". Even I have probably been included in these "skilless degenerates"... but is it really me that fails that hard, or is it unfun settings, that should really be blamed. I'd like to claim that latter... but I digress.

Oh well...

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